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This is a new use for my previously retired web site. I have been thinking about doing something like this for some time but have been too busy doing other things such as traveling, boating (pre-Covid) and lately during Covid, supporting my wife in her musical endeavors at DJ's Music Studio.

DJ's MUsic Studio
Over the years I've received and saved jokes, stories, and cartoons, and I thought, why not share them with you. I'll post them periodically so check back every so often. I've set them up as both text (PDF) and audio file format. Scroll down a bit to see the files and click away . . .

Since the Covid crap hit the fan last year we've been staying home and will be for the foreseeable future, out of an abundance of caution of course. Shopping online or by phone for groceries and other necessities has become a way of life as is curb-side pickup. However, telephone calls, texting, emails, and online video gatherings gives us some semblance of social get togetherness.

Covid UpdateThe big day finally arrived for some of us - we got our first Covid jabs on March 2nd, only after a lot of missteps, screwups and political interference. Next jab in 42 days. I guestimated that each jab will cost over $2000.00 by using available federal government budget numbers. This Covid fiasco will cost Canada and ultimately the taxpayer, somewhere in the trillion-plus dollar range. Oh, and don't forget the interest we'll have to pay on the federal and provincial debts, all borrowed money and likely the interest will be as well. I figure the final cost won't be known until 2022 or later.

This is not what retirement was supposed to be, but it is what it is. We just have to make the most of it and hope this Covid situation comes to an end sooner rather than later.


Disclaimer - most of the items I'm posting have been sent to me without reference as to who the original author or artist is. I cannot take credit for the content other than to say my wife thinks I have a warped sense of humor.

Date Posted Text (PDF) File Audio File
March 3, 2021 One Hundred Dollars One Hundred Dollars
March 3, 2021 Gender Parity Gender Parity
February 24, 2021 Understanding Engineers Part 1 Understanding Engineers Part 1
February 24, 2021 Understanding Engineers Part 2 Understanding Engineers Part 2
February 17, 2021 Truth of the Matter Truth of the Matter
February 17, 2021 Reflections Reflections
February 10, 2021 New Rules for Old Folks New Rules for Old Folks
February 10, 2021 When God Sends You Help, You Don't Ask Questions When God Sends You Help, You Don't Ask Questions
February 2, 2021 Traffic Camera Traffic Camera
February 2, 2021 To be Eight Again To be Eight Again
January 27, 2021 Cowboy Logic Cowboy Logic
January 27, 2021 A Little Old Lady A Little Old Lady
January 20, 2021 Do Not Talk to My Parrot Do Not Talk to My Parrot
January 20, 2021 A Parrot with an Attitude A Parrot with an Attitude
January 13, 2021 Bagpiper Bagpiper
January 13, 2021 Christmas Fact Christmas Fact
January 8, 2021 Ah, Sweet Love Ah, Sweet Love
January 8, 2021 Tree Hugger Tree Hugger
January 6, 2021 A Cowboy A Cowboy

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